Canada's Double Portion

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Canada’s Double Portion from North Battleford, Saskatchewan is a unique group in many ways.

This 5 piece Gospel band is made up of entirely one family including parents Duncan & Debbie Hemmerling and 8 of their 10 children. Juggling homework and musical instruments is a daily routine for the Hemmerling children. They trade in riding the school bus for riding across the country in Canada’s Double Portion tour bus for almost half the year. 
2018 marks the 36th year of ministry for this veteran group. Originating with Duncan and his three sisters, Canada’s Double Portion has crisscrossed the continent from Newfoundland to British Columbia, Georgia to Alaska. Three decades of travel have provided unique experiences like singing on the Grand Ole’ Opry stage, backing up Johnny & June Cash at a Cash/Rivers family reunion and performing with many of Gospel music’s premier groups at North America’s 


Michael Bull Roberts

Author and speaker - Michael  Bull Roberts will be speaking throughout the weekend. 

You can read more about Bull Roberts in this article.

'I was a gangster at 18': Former career criminal Michael Bull Roberts shares his story of how he turned his life around in the hope of helping others
Source: Tina Comeau (tina.comeau@tricountyvanguard.ca) 

Rhonda Louise

“Honest, contemplative, uplifting and encouraging, personal yet relatable, fun, surprising, moving.”
These are only some of the comments in response to Rhonda Louise’s music. Her voice has been called “strong, yet soothing and calming,” while her talent as a pianist has also been recognized (clearly the best

pianist we heard today.” Ali Mathews, 2012 Canadian Gospel Music Association talent judge).
Rhonda Louise lends everything within her to her songs. 
“Song writing is extremely vulnerable and revealing. It’s somewhat of a musical diary,” she says. “Every song has a story behind it, as if to say, “Here is what I have felt, lived through, learned from, and what I have celebrated”. When I am ready to share that memory with my fans it is an incredibly special moment. 
Suffering a near-fatal illness as a child and being frequently sick while growing up then experiencing sickness and healing in her family, Rhonda Louise understands the significance of miracles. She also knows the feelings of loneliness and emotional pain. Rhonda Louise’s growing Christian faith has also taught her about God’s forgiveness and grace. Rhonda shares her music within church services, coffee houses, house concerts tailoring he song choices to each unique group of guests. I love meeting everyone at my shows and enjoy hearing their stories.
Rhonda has grown as an artist, her song writing continues to evolve and sometimes surprise her audience, and she looks forward to sharing those moments.


Touch of Grace Trio

Touch of Grace officially started in March of 2004 when Art, who was a Gideon, was asked to bring a musical group to a Gideon Banquet in Lloydminster, Alberta. Art & Deanna Block and Doreen Klatt were involved with the music ministry in their local church. They formed a trio and the group was born. As a result of the favour they found with the audience that night, they continued to practice and sing together. 
          Touch of Grace was named by Doreen’s husband, Lyle, as a gospel song he was listening to touched him. They began to sing at church services, banquets, Christmas and Valentine’s Day parties, nursing homes, conferences, concerts, and jamborees. The group practised in their church and in the summertime set up their sound system in the garage and serenaded the neighbours for a few square kilometres. 
          The members of the group come from a rich musical heritage as each of their larger families have been involved with and loved music. Doreen spent many hours playing and singing in the family band in her early years. Art produced a cd , singing with his eleven brothers, and a single cd of his favourite songs as well. Deanna played piano and played clarinet in a community marching band.
          It is interesting how God has put them together using their gifts to expand His Kingdom and just to sing uplifting songs to people who need to hear about God’s love. Their greatest desire is to share the message of Christ and our sufficiency in Him. 


Road to Surrender

We are a family band from Webster, AB. 
Our focus is to sing and play for Gods glory and to spread the good news of the gospel message through our music. For a long time, my wife and I have dreamed of forming a family band like this and we are excited to see where God will lead us in this ministry. Currently the band consists of myself

(Bill), and two of my children. Taylor (son), and Jamee (daughter).

Crimson River

Crimson River: Like branches on a tree, we all grow in different directions, and yet our roots remain as one. We are family…a circle of strength, founded on faith, joined in love – kept by God.

Over the past seven years God’s plan for Crimson River has unfolded. Like the building of a puzzle, seven people came together to form a beautiful picture of God’s will.

Christ’s love ran red down the cross. He freed us from our sin and we are no longer the same. So from this is where our bands name came to life. We understand that we are in the presence of God. We walk humbly with God. We want to do the will of God. Every time we step out of our front doors into the world or onto a stage to sing we long for the fragrance of God to be ever before us, around us, and even as we go behind us. At the end of each day we want to be able to say we have done our best to show God’s love to the world. We want to one day hear from God “Well done faithful servant.”

Family isn’t always blood…God longs for all His children to seek him, to come home, to be part of His family.Wherever God leads us we will go.

We love to share God’s message of love through song.

To show those who are searching the way home…..


Bruce Reimer & White Stone Worship

Music has allowed me to enjoy many hours of fellowship with family and friends, being in some kind of band or other, since my early teens. Songwriting has been a way to express what I believe God has put in my heart to share with others. As you know, music has a way of reaching deep into our souls, to help heal


the hurts, bring us joy, and worship the “Creator” of this universe – “One” who has always loved us and longs for us to love and worship “Him”.

Hosting a gospel  radio program over the last 30 years or so has also allowed me to share much of the Christian music of other singers and songwriters on a weekly basis, to a broader audience than I could have with my own music. My prayer and hope is that through the media of radio, many people who don’t have much Christian contact, would have an opportunity to hear the “Good News” this way.

Being involved in various “Gospel Jamborees” around the Peace Country has also been a great way to get to know and enjoy the stories of many people, from many places, and many different walks of life. Christian music can bring many people together  for fun and fellowship, and most importantly, to Praise and Worship our Heavenly Father ! Blessings !


Gary Henderson

Camping in the Wilderness

Gary Henderson will be MCing throughout the weekend and bringing the message on Sunday morning.

Gary's bio to come.

more to come


The Willms

The Willms are a family bluegrass group based out of Goodlow, BC, Canada, where they ranch.  Growing up the girls would sing together in church but had no idea their love for music would take them where it has!  Slowly different instruments started coming into the house and the girls started getting asked to come and play at different community events. Oldest daughter Rachelle plays fiddle and banjo and sings harmonies and twins Chelsea and Chantelle trade off singing lead and harmonies.  Chelsea is the band's guitar player and Chantelle plays mandolin.  Their dad, Scott, plays the upright bass, and mom, Kathy, looks after most of the bookings and keeps everyone organized.

They began playing in 2006 with a desire to give God all the glory for anything they would accomplish, a desire they still have today.  While it hasn't always been easy, He's brought them a long way, and they are excited to see what He has for them in the future.


The Vion Family

The Vion family has been together singing on and off for approximately the last 30 years. It all started with Darrell and Eileen Vion who  had a passion for music and the Gospel which spread to their five children and their families, Chad & Gloria, Josh & Marianne, Garth & Angela, Faith & Matthew, and Hope. Their style is a mix of contemporary and country gospel. Through the years there have been different variations to the members of this group, but the same spirit and heart for ministry. Currently the Vion family is only singing together a few times a year depending on the opportunities and the availability of the members, but they are always excited for the opportunity to share God’s word and the gospel through song! 


The Harder Family

Music has always been a huge part of my life.

I grew up singing with my family. Gospel music festivals were the highlight of many summers. We’d go to listen, and sometimes to perform. As time went on, I got married and some years later my husband and I and our daughters moved away from our hometown. Opportunities to sing with my family were now few and far between, so I searched for other people to sing with and discovered our own daughters! We began singing together in church and have been blessed with opportunities to perform at a few fundraisers and gospel music festivals over the past 6 years. This year my husband and our 8 year old son are joining us on the stage. It is our desire to bless, not impress people with our music. Our prayer is that hearts would be reached and ultimately that God would be glorified.


The Berreth Family

Greg and Robin Berreth’s family of six children are just starting to get their feet wet playing country/bluegrass gospel music, but they have roots that run deep. Their mom grew up playing music in the Kevin Quist Family, and is now dedicated to passing the torch to her children, making them sixth

generation gospel musicians. The Berreth’s enjoy the journey of learning to sing and play together and are honoured to be able to share their music.


Crown for Ashes

Take a prime cut of heavy metal, marinade in Blues for 24 hours, then grill that chunk of meat and serve it up on a plate of Love, Truth, and Justice with a big mug of Rock’n Roll to wash it down, and “Mmmm!” That is Crown for Ashes.

We deliver a diverse spectrum of musical material (that you wouldn’t imagine in the same set) and a distinctly fascinating experience. Although life comes with its share of trials and pains, this band brings a show that can’t help but set an atmosphere of positivity and hope. It’s a chance to let loose with hair – flying lightning-fast guitar licks and high-sailing vocals. Sit back and soak up the rhythms, leads and grooves of classic rock and the even older blues.

Over the years, many things about us have changed (and continue to), but what is at our core does not budge. We love our God, we love each-other, and we love people. So, we hang out a lot at one of our favorite places, where all of these things intersect. That place is called music.

Our desire is to worship God via the use of Performing Arts. It says in Psalm 22:3 “Yet you who are holy enthroned on the praises of Israel.”

Sometimes these praises come as we sing together on Sunday mornings, other times they are forged in a full-bellows, glowing coal, Heavy Metal show. One way or another, one thing you can count on is that if there is a band called “Crown for Ashes’ going on stage, anywhere, anytime, God is going to be exalted!


Lakeside Sargent

Lakeside Sargent is a rock/worship band made up of a collective of musicians from their local church worship team. Ryan Cochrane leads the band with his unique style and has been in the music scene ever since he was 15. His experience spans all across genres from southern gospel to punk,

worship and rock. After being on his local worship team for many years he decided to start sharing his gifts through song writing and leading worship out in front of the drum kit. That’s where Lakeside Sargent was born. Being named after one of the roads that takes Ryan home, the name Lakeside Sargent was used as a reminder of who you are and where you’re from. At the heart of it all, Lakeside Sargent just loves to worship and spread the message of grace, hope and love while bringing their own taste and style to some of the more contemporary modern worship songs alongside some of their own original hope inspired music.

Christ's Sindicate

Christ’s Sindicate has been playing together for almost 15 years. They started out as a worship group at a local Salvation Army Church. They played at numerous fundraising venues and outreaches over the next decade. They

are still going strong. The band consists of Tomm Jensen and his twin sons Adam and Cory, rounded out by two close friends Nathan Shrum and Devan Murray.
Because of the age difference in the band, the main musical influence is a combination of 70’s rock mixed with 90’s rock. Slide commitment to glorify God with their music and you have, Christ’s Sindicate.


Joel Schneebeli

I live in a small town in Northern Alberta. I started playing the Hammered Dulcimer at age 15.

 When I first saw this instrument being played, I was fascinated by its beautiful and unique sound.

 More importantly, I was captivated by the

anointing and presence of Jesus. My life since then has been spent pursuing His presence and following where He leads. From making flutes, to studying sound frequencies,

tunings, and how it all ties in to heaven, it has been quite an adventure so far.

I hope you will join me for this year's Come Alive Gospel Jamboree in Grimshaw.